• LED Dichroic Spotlights 7 Watt – GU5.3
LED Dichroic Spotlights 7 Watt – GU5.3
£5.49 £4.39

How Does This Product Compare

LED Dichroic Spotlights 7 Watt – GU5.3 CONVENTIONAL 50 WATT DIACHROIC LAMP
Lamp Life 30,000 Hours 1,000 Hours
Light Colour / Temp 3000K warm white 2700K warm white
Consumption 7W 50W
Light Design 38 degree light angle 38 degree light angle
Lumen Output 450 450
Voltage 12V AC/DC 12V AC/DC
Warranty 5 years



Direct replacement
Replaces traditional (halogen/incandescent) bulbs with our LED equivelent product. It is identical in both base and style.

Easy replacement
Just swap your old bulb for our latest LED technology one like you would any other light bulb.

Low energy consumption, high brightness
Saves up to 90% energy consumption compared to traditional tungsten bulbs

Wide beam angle
All our lamps provide a 170 – 200 degree beam angle, so you can benefit from a uniform light output for general lighting or decorative light fittings.

Built to last
All our bulbs and spotlights come with 30,000 hour life times, unlike halogen equivalents that operate for 3000 hours of use or tungsten which only last for 1000 hours.

Dimmable bulbs
Please ensure you check with your dimmer’s manufacturer for compatibility before purchase.