• 1 Metre Cables Stainless steel suspension kit
1 Metre Cables Stainless steel suspension kit
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Stainless steel wire rope and fittings to suit LED panel.

The Solid State Lighting Luminaire is designed to fit standard exposed “T” suspended ceilings or directly mounted to solid surfaces by the use of an additional fixing kit. It is suitable for use in all commercial and retail applications, providing high performance, energy efficient, uniform lighting solutions, saving up to 65% energy in comparison with traditional fluorescent luminaires.
Available in 600x600mm and 600x1200mm versions, the edge lit panels give a wide beam angle providing good vertical levels of illumination helping to alleviate eye fatigue whilst also providing uniform levels of illumination on the working plane.

Luminaire Specification

■ External power supply, Driver input voltage AC85-265V, 50/60Hz.
■ LED Panel input voltage DC30-42V.
■ PF>0.95, Power Efficiency >0.85.
■ Material Aluminium Frame Assembly + PMMA + PC Diffuser.
■ IP42.
■ Insulation class II.
■ Ambient temperature -20°C~45°C, Surface temperature 42°C~45°C, Relative humidity 10%-80% RH.
■ Environmental-friendly, saving 65% energy in comparison to traditional fluorescent luminaires.
■ Uniform light output, bright and comfortable, alleviating eye fatigue.